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East Bay Lacrosse : Coaches

(1) USA Lacrosse Certification

To encourage our coaches to learn and grow and provide an even better experience for our players, East Bay Lacrosse will reimburse coaches for any registration fees associated with successful obtainment of a USA Lacrosse coaching certification level Silver or above. The first level of certification (Bronze) is available with the required USA Lacrosse Coach membership. More advanced levels (Silver, Gold and Platinum) involve additional online courses and access to greater online resources. As added incentive for our East Bay coaches to become certified, all USA Lacrosse-certified coaches will also receive one free player registration for any season or session in which they coach!

(2) Reimbursement Requests

  1. Submit your request via Google Form
  2. E-mail receipts and/or documentation to Derek Hillier:
  3. Payment will be issued upon receipt and review of submission.

Note that completed certification is required for reimbursement, therefore payments will be issued after obtaining certification, not upon registration.

(3) Why Coach?

Coaching youth lacrosse is a tremendous opportunity for many reasons, including:

  • Impact on Development: You have the opportunity to positively influence the physical, mental, and emotional development of young players, helping them build skills, teamwork, and confidence.
  • Teaching Life Skills: Coaching goes beyond the sport. It allows you to instill important life skills such as discipline, responsibility, communication, and teamwork.
  • Passing on Knowledge: If you have a love and understanding of lacrosse, coaching provides a platform to share your knowledge and passion for the game with the next generation.
  • Building Relationships: Coaching allows you to form meaningful relationships with players, their families, and fellow coaches. These connections can last a lifetime.
  • Contribution to Community: By coaching youth lacrosse, you contribute to the local community by providing a positive and structured activity for young people.
  • Personal Growth: Coaching challenges you to continually improve your coaching skills, adapt to different personalities, and find effective ways to motivate and inspire your players.
  • Enjoyment of the Game: If you enjoy lacrosse, coaching allows you to stay involved with the sport and experience the joy of seeing players develop their skills and passion for the game.

Ultimately, coaching youth lacrosse is a chance to make a meaningful impact on young lives while fostering a love for a sport you're passionate about!

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