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East Bay Lacrosse : Grades 3-4

Having learned lacrosse fundamentals in our Sharks (Kindergarten) program and tasted gameplay in our Grades 1-2 program, players in our Grades 3-4 program compete with teams across the state as part of the Rhode Island Youth Lacrosse League (RIYLL). Because kids at this stage are still growing and learning the sport, Grades 3-4 use a modified game format featuring a smaller field and fewer players. This format (7v7 and 8v8 for boys and girls, respectively) features increased ball involvement, more touches to develop their skills, and a faster-paced, action-packed field experience. The reduced team size ensures that each child plays a crucial role, promoting improved communication, teamwork, and a sense of inclusion.

This program follows the U10 rules from US Lacrosse:

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For more information on this or any of our programs, reach out to our program directors.

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